Bengali Cultural Association,

85 Apsley Way, Longthorpe,

Peterborough, PE3 9NZ

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Celebrating Bengal in Britain

Welcome to BCAP’s 10th Durga Puja celebrations. Join in on the festivities.

29th, 30th Sept & 1st Oct 2017

Longthorpe Village Hall

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Durga Puja / Autumn Festival

Bengal’s proud history of culture and heritage has been a source of pride and inspiration for Bengalis overseas and their younger generation. Its fusion with Peterborough’s multicultural mix can only enrich further its diversity and strengthen its unity. Conceived in 1987 BCAP…


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Our Annual Autumnal Sreejan is ready for download. This year’s theme is Down Memory Lane. We welcome your feedback and a big thank you to our sponsors.


“To create a future for our children in which they can be proud of their roots, history, culture and heritage while embracing the best of multicultural Britain.”

Bengali Cultural  Association  peterborough


BCAP would like to thank there sponsors and patrons for there continued support.