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       Cultural Function on Maha Ashtami night
       Cultural Function on Bijoya Dashami night


Photo Gallery: Durga Puja 2008, 2009, 2010

Puja Brochure 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


Maha Ashtami Pushpanjali, Durga Puja 2012


Visit the Video Gallery and watch the Rabindra Jayanti celebrations

A Bengali poem by Bijoya Di for her beloved Swapna

Tribute to our late beloved friend Swapna by Gaurango Roy

Durga Puja by Swapna Mazumdar

Durga Pratima from Kumartuli is ready - Images

Acknowledgement for Generous Contributions 

Puja Diaries (Young Member Contributions)
Pujo Aasche by 7 Year old Diya Banerjee
          Durga Puja by 10 Year old Sumana Mondol
          Durga Puja by 12 Year old Indrajeet Mondol
          Thoughts of Durga pooja by 6 year old Saranya Das
          Esho Ma Durga by 8 year old Upasana Das.
          Ma Durga by Sreejoyee Roychowdhury

White Water Rafting in Bali - Dr. Ranjit Mazumdar 

Picnic 2008 - A Personal Account by Manaan


Aims and Vision

Usha di speaks about the beginnings and where we are heading...........founded in 1987 with few Bengali families..........successfully staged Bengali programmes, classical programmes, dances and music by our younger generations.....
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published: 08/06/08


Member Profile

ET's Woman of the Year: Late Swapna Mazumdar 
wapna is living proof that the strength which is so often buried inside women can be brought out and blossom in spite of internal external barriers". Learn more about Swapna di's work and achievments in our member profiles.
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published: 14/06/08



Here is what Shampa has to say about BCA......We are a bunch of enthusiastic people who stop at nothing to fulfill our visions, dreams, hopes, purposes and aspirations. I joined this fantastic group in 2002 when we moved to Peterborough and became a member in a short time. Since then.......
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published: 14/06/08


Director's Cut:

..............For thousands of years in this world dramatics has proven its value as an ambassador of Arts and Culture benefiting social and moral upliftment........... Drama is Bengalís heritage and we feel attached to it. ............... Read More
published: 07/06/08



Esho Bangla Sikhi - Lets Learn Bengalis

Madhumita speaks about BCAs efforts to pass down its linguistic heritage to the next generation.....After a year of effort, all the students can understand and express themselves in Bengali effectively.......
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published: 08/06/08


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Durga Puja

Durga Puja

For five days in October
People assemble and worship
To the divine goddess Durga
Who has power like a whip

Many people come
To this grand celebration
They wear nice garments
To pray for the demon's destruction

This is a major festival
For Bengali Hindus across the Earth
Not mattering what creed they are
Everyone from Portland to Perth

This is a religious occasion
Also being a social event
Itís a time when people gather
And enjoy it 100 percent

Indrajeet Mondol.